Ford Focus Says Transmission Fault Service Now

When your Ford Focus encounters a transmission fault, a prompt appears saying, “Transmission Fault Service Now.” What do you do? Our research has led to answers to this question.

The “Transmission Fault Service Now” notice may appear on your Ford Focus if your transmission is failing. Exceptions do exist, however.

There are several reasons for Ford Focus messages such as “Transmission Fault Service Now”:

  • Wiring that is unreliable
  • Malfunctions of sensors
  • Failure of the battery
  • Fluid insufficient for transmission

These problems are common among Ford Focus users.

Check out the causes and solutions to “Transmission Fault Service Now” warnings on Ford Focus.

Message About Transmission Fault Service Now

Ford Focus Says Transmission Fault Service Now

“Transmission Fault Service Now” is one of the most commonly encountered error messages in Ford Focus vehicles.

Following this message, the engine may stall or jerk jerkily change gears.

A Ford owner is not uncommon to encounter dangerous situations when the vehicle cuts off in the middle of the road or at an inconvenient moment.

It is frustrating for many Ford Focus drivers that after taking their cars to the shop, they usually find they have no problems.

What is the cause of this particular problem? The problem can be caused by several factors.

It is most common for transmission control modules, or TCMs, to fail. The battery has also been reported as a possible cause of the problem over the years.

Low battery charge can cause the vehicle’s electronics to malfunction. Such situations often result in transmission error codes.

This article will examine the causes and remedies for this particular problem.

What Is A Transmission Fault In Ford Focus?

As a small car vehicle, Ford Focus was designed to satisfy the needs of the small car market. Since Japanese manufacturers were encroaching on this lucrative market, Ford needed to stake its claim.

Despite a few issues, Ford Focus maintains a good reputation, despite mixed reviews. Due to these issues, the car was branded a lemon.

Ford Focus owners are likely to feel bad about their purchase.

Ford Focus owners are unlikely to recommend it because of its many problems.

One of the most common Ford Focus problems is transmission problems.

When changing gears or accelerating, transmission delays have been reported many times. As a result of transmission problems, Ford says it goes into neutral during gear changes.

Traditionally, this problem can be attributed to the transmission control module, or TCM.

There is also a possibility that the problem is due to a low voltage in the battery. A TCM reprogramming or replacement was claimed to fix the first issue.

However, sometimes the problem persists even after the TCM has been replaced or reprogrammed.

The second problem may require a battery replacement or proper grounding.

It is usually necessary to replace the transmission if none of the above solutions resolve the problem.

Transmission Fault Service Now Warning Reasons

Ford Focus Says Transmission Fault Service Now

Knowing what the warning means, here are a few reasons you might receive it:

Battery Failure

Low power, electronics, and other problems are commonly associated with a failing battery.

You may not be able to use your transmission properly if the battery malfunctions. It is possible that the error message will appear.

Low Transmission Fluid

You may have an insufficiently lubricated and cooled gearbox if you lack transmission fluid. Eventually, the transmission may experience problems, causing the “transmission fault service now” error message to appear.

Loose Wires

There are many wires connecting TCMs to transmissions, and loose wires impair the TCM’s ability to regulate the transmission.

If that is the case, the cables need to be repaired or replaced.

Sensors With Malfunctions

When any of these sensors malfunction, the TCM produces the message “Transmission Fault Service Now.”.

Transmission Failure

If your transmission is damaged, shifting gears may be impossible. As a result, an error message may appear. When your transmission fails, you will almost certainly need to replace it.

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How To Deal With Transmission Fault Service Now Warnings

Ford Focus Says Transmission Fault Service Now

Car Restarted

Start your car by turning it off and restarting it. Unless the notice recurs, the problem may be with that sensor or battery.

A thorough inspection at a local dealer or repair shop would be a good idea at this point.

If the notice reappears after restarting the vehicle, the gearbox is most likely to blame. Towing your vehicle to a mechanic is necessary in this case.

You shouldn’t ignore any warnings that appear on your dashboard, regardless of the reason!

TCM Reset

There is also the possibility of a malfunctioning transmission control module causing the “Transmission Fault Service Now” warning. You might not be able to drive your car if you have a problem with your transmission control module.

In some cases, the TCM can be repaired or replaced.

How To Reset The Ford Transmission Control Module

If you experience any of the following problems, you should reset the transmission control module:

  • Gearboxes automatically shift to another gear when you don’t shift.
  • You have to press the accelerator harder than usual before it responds.
  • The gears cannot be changed from neutral.
  • Parking or accelerating can be difficult (or impossible) when shifting up.
  • Gas mileage on your car has decreased noticeably.

This can be fixed without going to the mechanic. If you are experiencing any of the above difficulties, it would be a good idea to reset the transmission control module.

Resetting The Ford Transmission Control Module

  • Press the start button or turn the key to start the vehicle.
  • Gearboxes should be placed in neutral (depicted by a N).
  • Wait around 20 seconds after you turn off your car.
  • On the gearbox, select park mode (P).
  • After restarting the automobile, don’t let it run completely.
  • After 20 seconds, continue to wait.
  • After turning off the car, restart it immediately.
  • You can choose between Sport (S) and Drive (D).
  • When TCM reset is complete, there should be an alert.
  • It should now be possible to retrain the transmission or drive the car normally.

Can A Ford Focus Transmission Be Repaired?

Ford Focus Says Transmission Fault Service Now

Ford Focus gearboxes can be repaired even when they malfunction.

Consider replacing your transmission if you’re experiencing transmission problems. The first step is to have a certified technician diagnose the problem.

After determining whether the transmission needs to be repaired or replaced, the next step is to replace it.

It costs approximately $3500 to replace a transmission. However, you will be able to drive with less stress and enjoy your driving experience more. Depending on whether the problem is related to PowerShift, a fix may be available.

Despite being sustainable, repairs might not be the best option in the long run. Only in rare circumstances would it be better to replace the transmission completely.

However you choose to resolve the issue, it’s essential that you get back to enjoying your Ford Focus as soon as possible.

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What Are The Factors That Contribute To The Failure Of TCM?

A malfunctioning TCM could be causing your gearbox problems. It is possible for a TCM to fail due to a short circuit caused by water, a voltage overload, or a high temperature and vibration stress.

Having a damaged TCM makes driving dangerous, so it should be repaired or replaced.

The Relearning Of Ford Transmissions

Ford transmissions might need to be retrained following a TCM reset.

Transmission control modules are retrained by driving the gearbox at various speeds to learn the CVI numbers (clutch thickness values) of the clutch, which determines when and how gears are changed.

For the TCM settings to become second nature, you will need a great deal of practice.

Which Signs Indicate A Faulty Transmission Control Module?

You may experience problems with your gearbox if your transmission control module malfunctions.

Having a malfunctioning transmission control module can result in poor fuel efficiency, slow acceleration, gear slippage, and difficulty changing ratios.

Are Transmission Control Modules Necessary For Driving?

Transmission control modules play an important role in transmission systems. It is possible to cause catastrophic damage to your vehicle if you continue to operate it with a failing TCM.

Your automobile will be nearly impossible to drive if you cannot shift gears with your TCM. The only way to get anywhere is to get in gear!

If you suspect you need to repair your gearbox, you should reset your TCM or consult a specialist. You might have to pay more in repairs down the road if your gearbox is faulty.

What Is The Process Of Programming A Transmission Control Module?

The transmission control module must be reprogrammed after the battery connections have been unplugged for three to five minutes. Resetting the TCM should be done when the battery is connected again.

In The Event That Transmission Is Not Reprogrammed, What Will Happen?

Reprogramming or rebooting your computer may cause transmission problems.

By using sensors and solenoids, automatic gearbox mechanics communicate with your vehicle’s computer. Bands, clutches, and the transmission’s communication may eventually fail.

What Is The Cost Of Replacing A Ford Focus Control Module?

Ford Focus powertrain control modules cost, on average, $779 to $1,122 to replace.

It is predicted that labor costs will range between $71 and $90 and parts costs will range from $707 to $1,032. This range excludes taxes and fees and does not consider your exact model year or area.

Can The Ford Focus Transmission Be Fixed?

If you’re facing a worst-case scenario, a transmission replacement is your best choice.

In the event that your transmission is out of warranty, you should expect to pay $2,000 to $5,000 to replace it.

The PowerShift transmission of Ford is unfortunate because of its design flaw. Consequently, nothing can be done to resolve the issue.

A Guide To Resetting The Ford Transmission Control Module

You can reset the Ford transmission control module by following this step-by-step guide.

Putting the ignition on or pressing the key will start the car.

Make sure that the gears are in reverse after you have put the car in neutral. After putting the car in neutral, you should let it sit for about 20 seconds before turning it off.

While the engine is off, put the car in park. For the TCM to reset, you’ll need to turn the car on again. In case this does not work, you may need to take it to a technician who uses a computer.

How Many Ford Focus Models Have Transmission Problems?

Is there a Ford Focus model year that you should avoid? PowerShift Dual Clutch transmissions have the most transmission problems, so it’s recommended to stay away from those model years.

In 2010, Ford PowerShift dual-clutch transmissions were released for the first time. It was introduced to the market in 2011 with Ford Fiesta. This feature was first introduced in 2012 on the Ford Focus.

This transmission was fitted to this vehicle until 2016.

Keep away from these model years if you want your vehicle to avoid similar problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes Ford Focus transmission faults?

Ford Focus transmission failures can be caused by a variety of factors, including wear and tear, fluid problems, or manufacturing defects.

Can I drive with a transmission fault temporarily?

Even though it isn’t recommended, it may sometimes be possible to drive for a short distance with a transmission fault. Anyhow, it is recommended to seek immediate medical attention.

How often should I check my transmission fluid?

Ensure that your transmission fluid levels are checked regularly. If your owner’s manual recommends an inspection every month, you should do so.

Are there recalls for Ford Focus transmission issues?

Recalls from manufacturers should be kept up-to-date. Ford’s official website or your local dealership can inform you of any transmission recalls.

How long does a transmission service usually take?

There is no set period of time for a transmission service. It may take a few hours on average, so it’s best to check with your service center.


A faulty transmission, a malfunctioning sensor, or a malfunctioning battery may cause the Ford Focus to display the warning “Transmission Fault Service Now”.

Repair or replace the components affected by the malfunction if you are not sure how to check for them.

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