How To Fix Hill Start Assist Not Available?

Hill start assist systems can disappear due to software or internal issues, making it difficult to start a car on very steep hills. While it is still possible to drive without hill start assist, fixing the problem will improve safety and prevent the vehicle from rolling back.

Is there a way to fix the problem of hill start assist not being available? Resetting or upgrading your software can solve this error message when it appears randomly or due to a software issue. ESC or TC failure, damaged rear-wheel ABS sensors, or blown brake light fuse will cause this error message to appear. Your car will need expert help if this message appears. Let’s get to the bottom of this

Reasons Of Hill Start Assist Not Available

How To Fix Hill Start Assist Not Available

In response to the driver removing their foot from the accelerator, hill start will assist and the brake will be held for a short period of time. When the vehicle is parked on an incline, the incline-assist feature is activated.

The NHTSA website contains numerous pages where owners have complained about hill start assist not working. In most cases, this error message is caused by a faulty battery, fuel injector, or misaligned radar.

A hill start assist not available message may appear when driving unevenly or losing ground on start up. This doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong either. After appearing a few times, it should disappear automatically. In the event that this is not the case, the following problems might be the cause:

Broken Brake Light Fuse

In Ford edge cars, a broken brake light fuse can also cause this error message. Ford’s hill start assist system and brake light are connected. Your Ford’s “hill start assist not available” indicator light will illuminate if your brake light malfunctions. There is only one way to fix this problem: by repairing or replacing the brake light circuit.

Random Error

Error messages, codes, and lights sometimes appear randomly on Ford vehicles. It is also possible for the HSA error light to appear randomly. There is a possibility that this problem can affect vehicles that have been driven for only a few miles, old and new alike.

If the hood of the vehicle is open, the start button is held down for a prolonged period, or any function is disabled, an error message may appear. HSA lights can also be accidentally turned on when a child or car wash partner is present.

Faulty ESC And TC

Your car can turn on some other features, such as HSA, if the traction control light (TCL) or electronic stability control (ESC) have been deactivated entirely. In this case, you will need the help of a mechanic.

Bad Battery

The HSA will be temporarily disabled if the battery voltage drops, resulting in poor performance. It is possible that a bad battery is responsible for this message appearing when you start the car and disappearing shortly afterwards. DTC codes and warning lights may not be displayed on the dashboard. In this case, it may be necessary to recharge or replace the battery.

Overheated Transmission

When a vehicle is driven in hot weather or in heavy traffic, a transmission can overheat. There is a possibility that the hill start assist is unavailable, resulting in the light coming on. The symptom should disappear, however, once the transmission cools down.

Driving Aat High Speed

In most cases, the HSA system will work as long as the speed does not exceed 10 mph. When you drive too fast, the car displays a warning light and the system is disabled.

Damaged ABS Sensors On The Rear Wheels

An ABS and hill start assist warning light will appear on the dashboard if your rear-wheel ABS sensor is fired or burned. OBD codes may also appear on the display of the car. To remove the hill start failure message, you will need to replace the sensor.

How To Reset Hill Start Assist Not Available Problem?

Identifying the underlying causes of HSA error messages is essential for fixing them. There are some issues you might be able to fix at home, but others may require an expert mechanic’s help. Below are a few possible solutions:

Perform A Software Update

A software update, especially if the car needs one, can solve the HSA issue. Actually, it’s much easier to diagnose the problem this way than with an OBD scanner. By following this procedure, you can update the software on your Ford vehicle.

Use An OBD Scanner

Diagnostic scanners (OBDs) are required to determine the actual problem. In order to diagnose and fix the issue, you will have to interpret the error code produced by this device.

Reset The Feature

Frequently turning on and off your vehicle’s system can be fixed by simply resetting the HSA system.

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What Is The Procedure For Resetting The Hill Start Assist Problem?

From a stop, the HSA system prevents the car from rolling backward. In the event that the hill start assistance light does not illuminate, you can easily restore hill start assistance functionality by resetting the system. The steps are as follows:

  • You should park your vehicle and turn off the engine.
  • Hold the brake pedal for 30 seconds with your left foot.
  • Once again, start the engine.
  • When you release the brake pedal, you should feel a complete massage.
  • Now you can drive the car normally.

There may be a mechanical fault that needs to be investigated if the message appears again. The message should automatically disappear once the underlying issue has been resolved.

It is important to consider several parameters when using the HSA feature, including the hill angle, the vehicle speed, and the battery voltage. For this reason, you should read the owner’s manual and seek advice from a qualified mechanic so that you can make the most of this safety system and avoid getting massaged.

How Much Will It Cost To Fix The Hill Start Assist Problem?

Repairs or replacements are required when the resetting method doesn’t work. The fuel injector is the most common part that needs to be replaced to fix HSA. It can cost around $1200, depending on the brand and model.

However, replacing faulty rear-wheel ABS sensors and brake light fuses is more affordable. You will need to spend $100 to $150 on rear-wheel ABS sensors, and $30 to $75 on brake light fuses. It costs $45 to $250 to replace a bad battery, while $96 to $106 to fix an ESC and TC.

Is It Possible To Drive Without Hill Start Assist?

How To Fix Hill Start Assist Not Available

Your car can be driven without the hill start assist system because it is not part of the engine. Therefore, driving without a hill start assist won’t cause any problems. To keep the car from rolling backwards on hills that require special vehicle behavior, this feature is required.

Flat-road drivers don’t need the HSA feature. Hill descent control (HDC) is a feature in some Ford models. HDC assists the car in maintaining a steady speed on rough terrain. A driver would have to drive downhill with extra caution if this feature disappeared.

Automobile enthusiasts recommend that dashboard lights or error messages be repaired. It is important to maintain your vehicle, regardless of whether you use HSAs or not. If this happens, you are at risk of losing your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Hill Start Assist Be Installed?

Your car doesn’t come with a hill start assist, but you can add one using a manual installation. You should be aware, however, that aftermarket systems may void your warranty and can cost a fortune. With a car equipped with this system, you will be able to drive on a hill with ease.

How Long Does Hill Start Assist Last?

Upon releasing the brake pedal, the hill start assist automatically engages the brakes for three seconds.

Does Hill Start Assist Work with Handbrake?

 Handbrake release does not stop hill start assistance from working. Holding the brake for a few seconds helps a hill-sensing brake operate safely on rough terrain.


For new drivers, hill start assist is highly beneficial so that they don’t roll back when starting the car on an incline. The ability to fix hill start assistance is essential for driving safely on uneven terrain.

The problem may be fixed by resetting or upgrading the software, but if it’s an internal issue, you may need a professional’s help. Don’t hesitate to hire a qualified mechanic if you aren’t capable of handling it yourself.

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