How To Turn Off Tesla Location? (2024 Guide)

In this regard, you may be curious about how Tesla electric vehicles disable location tracking. The following is an explanation of how to turn off Tesla’s location tracking, as well as some consequences of doing so.

Why Does Tesla Track Your Location?

The location of Tesla vehicles is tracked by both its users and its manufacturers.

Based on your location, Tesla is able to lock and unlock your Tesla remotely, summon it, plan and navigate your route, use autopilot, and find nearby services like gas stations.

This information is used to recover stolen Teslas, track criminals using Teslas, and gather information related to a crash involving your Tesla.

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How to Turn Off Tesla Location? (Step By Step Guide)

How to Turn Off Tesla Location

There are a number of ways to disable Tesla’s position tracking, as explained on this page.

Map Rotation Or Movement

The map can be rotated or moved to turn off location tracking for Tesla users. By using this method, you will be able to turn off location tracking without sacrificing other important functions like a mobile connection, meaning you can still benefit from the other great features of the Tesla smart system.

As a result of rotating or moving the map, Tesla claims that it will no longer track your current location. Following a brief appearance of the message “Tracking Disabled,” the map orientation icon turns gray.

Location tracking can be disabled by rotating or moving a map:

Rotate the map by holding two fingers on it

As an alternative

The map can be moved by holding and dragging a finger

This will result in a tracking disable message appearing.

If tracking is disabled, you can enable it again by choosing North Up or Heading Up from the map’s orientation icon.

In order to turn location tracking back on, you’ll need to add favorites and set your home address.

Turn Off Mobile Access In Your Car

Tesla location tracking can be turned off by turning off mobile access inside your vehicle.

Turning off mobile access disables Tesla’s location tracking.

If you disable mobile access, you will no longer be able to track your location and won’t have access to all mobile access features, including:

  • Calculating your Tesla’s range.
  • The drive mode (Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive) should be checked.
  • Locking and unlocking your Tesla with your phone
  • Your car will stay warm if you enable maximum defrost in cold climates
  • Keeping track of your vehicle’s charging status
  • It is possible to open or close the charge port.
  • Opening the front trunk is a good idea.
  • Check the firmware version, VIN, and odometer of your vehicle.
  • Honk your horn or flash your lights to find the Model 3.
  • You can now access your home without a key.

Turning off Tesla’s mobile access is as easy as following these steps:

  • Settings can be accessed by tapping the vehicle’s control display. There is an icon of a car in the bottom left corner of the screen
  • The Safety option will be displayed
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, you will find the toggle Allow Mobile Access

With Tesla’s location tracking disabled, you can disable other mobile features as well.

Turn Off Tesla Location In Mobile App

Some users have suggested turning off location tracking on Tesla’s mobile app. Location tracking cannot be disabled from the Tesla mobile app. There are also other functions that can be performed with the Tesla mobile app, apart from those listed in number 2.

It is also recommended that you disable the location services on your phone so the Tesla mobile app cannot access your location. Despite denying the app access to your phone’s location services, Tesla cars will continue to track their locations. Instead of using your phone’s GPS system for tracking your location, the Tesla App uses the GPS system on your car. Turning this off will disable the Tesla app’s ability to detect your phone’s location, but the app will still locate your car when it is turned on.

Therefore, the Tesla Mobile App does not allow location tracking to be disabled at the time this article was written. The navigation system used by Tesla is proprietary, as opposed to Google Maps.

Buy A GPS Jammer Or Disconnect The Antennas

Some users have recommended removing the GPS antennae on Telsas. It is best to be cautious in this situation. I would recommend staying away from it. Reasons for this are as follows:

It is Tesla’s patent-pending GNSS antenna system that controls the GPS location functions of its vehicles. Aside from these functions, this antenna also performs the following functions:

  • Getting the car up and running
  • Route planning and navigation
  • Self-driving or autopilot
  • Locate nearby services, such as gas stations and restaurants

The Tesla’s GPS antenna is highly integrated, as you can see from the image above. An integrated car system connects various components with each other and with other essential components. Your Tesla may experience wider problems if one component is removed. Tesla GPS antennas shouldn’t be disconnected or removed.

GPS jammers and blockers are also options users have. GPS jammers may negatively affect other engine components and functions, so I recommend caution in this area as well.

There is a risk of permanently damaging some modules on highly-sophisticated systems, such as a Tesla electric vehicle, if a third-party device is installed. They are not familiar with Tesla’s technology. In other words, such devices could cause a disastrous technological conflict if used.

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Why Would People Want To Disable Location Tracking?

How To Turn Off Tesla Location

Private rides are preferred by some drivers against their better judgment. Locations for a surprise party may need to be scouted. It can also happen that people are in danger or you have to flee from them in more dire situations.

One person in a family with a Tesla often wants to disable location tracking, which is not uncommon. Teenagers and their parents naturally want to spend some time apart. This teenager wants to go to places that his father does not approve of. The feature can even be turned off for each other as a gesture of good faith. 

You cannot track the location of the Tesla at all times if you turn off location tracking in the Tesla app.

Why Does Tesla Track Your Location?

How To Turn Off Tesla Location

Tesla vehicles’ location plays an important role in the overall experience.

Among Tesla’s reasons for tracking location are:

  1. Through the mobile app, you can access the following features:
  • Your phone can lock and unlock your Tesla from a distance
  • Activate the keyless entry system
  1. These are some of the information that can be provided by GPS:
  • On the road with the car
  • Route planning and navigation
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Searching around will allow you to find nearby gas stations, restaurants, and other services
  • Locating the car after a theft
  • Compliance is expected by insurers and regulators.

The story goes deeper, however.

  • Tesla always captures location information during crashes and other snapshots
  • It is likely that you agreed to some terms of use when you bought your Tesla, including sharing some location information.

Your location, for example, can be withheld from Tesla. You can opt out of sharing only your location information.

Additionally, refusing to share data means you will lose out on features such as remote control, voice commands, and software updates over the air.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use Tesla’s mobile app to locate my car without location services?

The app may be unable to locate your car when location services are disabled.

Can you hide your Tesla location?

To hide your location, we recommend disabling remote mobile access, as described above. This method of using the app will prevent you from seeing your location. 

Does disabling location tracking affect software updates?

It is still possible to receive and install software updates without enabling location services.

Will Autopilot work without location services?

It is not necessary to track location in order to use Autopilot.

How does Tesla track location?

Similarly to other GPS systems, Tesla uses satellites to transmit location signals. Drivers and owners can access vehicle location data in real-time.
Data from your car will be transmitted to Tesla servers in real-time, but your driving history will not be stored. 

Can I enable location services only when needed?

Location tracking can be enabled or disabled depending on the user’s preferences.

Can a stolen Tesla be tracked?

Tesla owners have been reunited with their stolen vehicles thanks to this method. There is no doubt that it is possible. This thief left the Tesla when its battery died and was caught in California. Using the app, they tracked their location throughout the journey. It is necessary to enter the Tesla account password before a thief can disable tracking in Tesla’s mobile settings. A Tesla’s security system also offers this benefit.

Will turning off location services affect navigation?

The basic navigation features will remain available, but some location-based services may be limited.


Tesla’s experience is undoubtedly enhanced by location tracking. You will, however, suffer severe consequences if you disable some of these methods.

Despite not being a top priority for everyone, location tracking can be a valuable feature for some people.

You must turn off your vehicle in order for it to “go dark.” Now that you know this, you’ll need to do it. It is only through that method that you can drive undetected.

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