Lunar Rock Toyota RAV4 Color [Explained in 2024]

There is a high demand for Lunar Rock Toyota RAV4 Color, which debuted a few years ago. There is a lot of interest in this color among customers.  

We have everything you need to know about the Lunar Rock color, whether you’re already a fan or would like to learn more about it.  

Here we will explain the availability and color of the Lunar Rock Toyota RAV4.  

Lunar Rock Toyota RAV4 Color: Overview

Lunar Rock Toyota RAV4 Color

A mixture of green and gray, Lunar Rock Toyota RAV4 color looks silvery green in sunlight. Moon-like landscapes and rocky terrains come to mind when we hear the name.  

The Toyota RAV4 was released in 2019 in this color, which is also available in other models such as the 4Runner, the Tundra, the Tacoma TRD Pro, and the Sequoia.  


  • A gas and a hybrid RAV4 XLE Premium will be offered from 2019-2023  
  • Adventure 2019-2023 for the Toyota RAV4  
  • 2020-2021 RAV4 TRD OFF ROAD  

Whether new or used, this color is hard to find. Besides being new, this color is also highly desired, so there is a long wait time for RAV4 in many regions due to high demand.  

Perhaps you are considering purchasing a used RAV4 in lunar rock color. However, my friend, this is also a limited option because a lot of used RAV4s are sold, making finding one difficult.  

In the beginning, Army green was used instead of lunar rock.  

What Makes It Unique

Lunar Rock Toyota RAV4

The Lunar Rock color has been a big hit with customers since it debuted because of its unique features, such as the rocky landscape and the way it resembles the moon.  

Having this color canceled in 2024 makes it more challenging, but don’t let me down. I hope we will soon see some unique and creative colors from Toyota.  

Interior Pairings  

Choosing an interior shade that goes well with a Lunar Rock color is essential if you’re buying an RAV4.  

The Lunar Rock RAV4 comes in a variety of interior colors.  

XLE Gas Hybrid  

  • Fabric made of ash, black, and nutmeg  

As well as the standard black ash gray and light yellow-brown interior colors, these three colors are available for XLE models as well.  

It is expected that Asf Fabric will be popular with those who prefer a lighter and brighter color scheme than Nutmeg Fabric.

XLE Premium Gas and Hybrid  

  • Softex: Ash, Black, and Nutmeg  

There are also the same interior colors available in the RAV4 XLE Premium trim except the Softex has been upgraded to the Lunar Rock trim.  

Additionally, Softex offers leather materials that are easy to clean and soft.  

Animals are not used in the production of Softex leather.  


  • Softex in black and mocha  

There is also trim included, but in Softex, mocha is the additional color.  

There is a small hint of dark orange in this mocha interior made with very dark brown and light grey.  

TRD Off-Road  

  • Softex in black  

The TRD Off Road comes with only one black paring.  


In what model years is the Lunar Rock color available for the RAV4?

The 5th generation RAV4 introduced Lunar Rock in 2019. Other Toyota vehicles also come with it, such as the 4Runner, Tundra, Tacoma TRD Pro, and Sequoia.

The Toyota RAV4’s Lunar Rock color has been replaced by Army Green starting with model year 2024.

Is Lunar Rock a good color?

This color is great in low light and it looks great even in the dark

Is Lunar Rock available on all trim levels?

No. The 2019-2023 XLE (gas & hybrid) and XLE Premium (gas & hybrid) have Lunar Rock. TRD Off-Road models from 2020-2021 can also be equipped with it.

What color is RAV4 Lunar Rock?

A light green with silver tones, it is a limited edition color

Is there an extra cost to having Lunar Rock as an exterior color?

No. Having this exterior color is not an extra cost, but it is only available on certain model years and trim levels.


Considering Toyota RAV4 cars are among the newest and most advanced SUVs on the market, its Lunar Rock color is amazingly distinctive, resembling a rocky landscape and the moon’s color.  

It is currently only available in four trim levels, but this may change in the future. Besides that, new or used ones are very difficult to come by.  

Army Green will replace this color in 2024.  

After reading this article, you should have a much better understanding of the Rock’s lunar color.  

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