Toyota Corolla B Gear: A Complete Guide

Can you clarify the B gear in your Toyota Corolla?

Uphill, your Toyota Corolla’s B gear provides maximum braking power. There are two types of brakes: engine brakes and brakes for brakes.

The Toyota Corolla’s gear shifter has a B on it. Here’s what it means, what it’s good for, and how friendly it is to drivers. We have your best interests at heart.

The Toyota Corolla is one of the many hybrid vehicles with a B gear. Your car needs to be in B gear when traveling downward on a hilly road or flyover. As a result of this unique feature, low-speed stability can be achieved.

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What Is Toyota Corolla B Gear?

Toyota Corolla B Gear

On a Toyota Corolla, what does B stand for? An automatic transmission’s brake is represented by the B symbol.

A drive wheel is driven by an automatic speed system. The acceleration of an automatic speed system slows down when the accelerator is released.

B gear is a technical term that is unfamiliar to many people.

The situation is clear, however. The brake mode creates maximum engine braking power when you are driving down steep hills or when you are driving below the speed limit.

When you are driving downhill in B mode and your battery power is low, you won’t experience brake fade.

Overheating brakes can also cause brake fluid to boil, causing damage to the brakes. This gear prevents overheating.

For automatic transmissions in mode B, the transmission will remain in first gear, allowing the engine to produce more torque.

A vehicle’s speed can determine how actively it drives from D to B and vice versa.

There is no doubt that the B Gear in the Toyota Corolla is one of the best on the market. Especially when driving in snowy conditions or on slopes, if you don’t use this transmission, your vehicle can suffer damage.

How To Use The B Gear?

How To Use The B Gear

Now that you know everything about the B gear, it’s time to use it. By following the steps below, you’ll have the best experience.

Slow Down

For safety reasons, you should drive your car at a slower speed. When moving downhill, you should ease off the accelerator.

Change To B Gear

On the gear shift knob, you’ll find a “B” button. When you press it, you’ll be able to switch to B gear. It is not recommended to move the shifter in any way.

You Need To Adjust Yourself

When you put the B gear in, a loud revving sound will be heard. It is particularly important not to be distracted by this on dangerous hilly roads. It is natural for your car to make noise, which leads to a slowdown.

Get Out Of B Gear

To conserve fuel and battery power, switch to D gear once you reach a level road. The easiest way to accomplish this is to shift back into D.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Toyota Corolla B Gear


Thanks to its advanced features, the B gear can benefit your Toyota Corolla. It has a number of benefits listed below.

Drives downhill

The B gear slows down your Toyota Corolla in any gear. When descending an inclined plane, this will allow you to maintain a safe speed.

Charges hybrid batteries

Using the B gear, hybrid batteries are recharged while driving downhill. There is a release of the hybrid motor in your car.

Slows down speeds

In hybrid cars, downshifting gear describes the process of slowing down the vehicle’s speed. In some cars, gears do not control speed.

Enhances the life of your brakes

The B gear provides the most engine braking. As long as your braking system isn’t overloaded, you do not have to worry about it. Keeping a constant brake pressure is essential while driving downhill. System replacements can be necessitated by overheating issues.

Transports a large load

As well as hauling heavy loads, B gears are useful when towing another vehicle or hauling luggage. Using your vehicle to drag a load provides more power.


It is useful to use B gears, but they can be disadvantageous if used incorrectly.

Reduces mileage

B gear can adversely affect your Toyota Corolla’s mileage. The use of this device should only be justified if it is absolutely necessary.

Battery is strained

In order to charge the battery, you have to go uphill. In regular traffic, the battery will not be able to produce or hold a charge.

Upward Driving Not Helpful

The B gear in the Toyota Corolla can cause problems during hilly or flyover drives. When a car is slowed down while moving uphill, it can backtrack and crash.

Slows down suddenly

You should avoid using the B gear if you are driving at a high speed, as it may cause skidding. Slowly lower the speed as you shift to B gear.

What is the number of gears on a Toyota Corolla automatic?

Automatic transmissions are identified by the PRNDL symbol. Low Gear (L), Drive (D), Neutral (N), and Reverse (R) are the four gears (L, D, N, R, and P).

There may be differences between the symbols on older versions of cars or cars that have been repaired. However, these symbols still serve their primary functions. 

The lower gear L’ is replaced by engine-braking gear B on vehicles like the Toyota Corolla. In some older cars, the second and third positions are available.

A gentler application of the engine brakes is achieved in position (2), whereas a stronger application of the engine brakes is achieved in position (3).

Using L, you can only travel on lesser ratios in the first and second lanes. It may also be confusing for some drivers to shift between positions (2) and (3).

As a result of engine stopping, B extends the life of the brakes.

Snow or mud with B gear

If you are driving in mud or snow, using B mode can prevent wheels from sliding. With the first speed engaged in a Toyota Corolla, the engine will produce more torque.

It serves as a brake to prevent the wheels from slipping.

The B mode is useful when you are unsure of your driving skills. As a result, you’ll be able to prevent severe accidents.

Toyota Corolla Gear Lever

Toyota Corolla B Gear

The following information will help you if you own a Toyota Corolla. 

When the gear lever is moved to the D position, the system selects the best gear to suit driving conditions. Shift levers should be placed in D when driving regularly.

D can be changed to B on the gear lever. You cannot shift from B to P with the lever, but you can move it from B to P with the lever.

Whenever possible, avoid downshifting or abrupt acceleration on wet or icy roads. They can cause you to spin or swing to the side.

It is advisable to change the gear lever as soon as possible to B.

To prevent you from accidentally changing gears, most Toyota Corollas are equipped with advanced electronics.

When To Use B Gear In Automatic?

When your hybrid battery is not being recharged, shifting into B gear may save you from thinking it is.

The B mode lets you shift gears in lower gears just as with a manual gearshift. In addition to wearing out your brakes prematurely, a steep hill will also cause you to overheat.

Traditional transmissions use B mode for downshifting. On a long steep hill, using only the brake pedal to slow down your vehicle can cause accelerated brake wear.

During a worst-case scenario, overheated brake fluid may boil and fail. Using a lower gear on a manual transmission can slow down the brakes.

What Is The Difference Between A Toyota Corolla S And A Toyota Corolla B Gear?

Here are some tips on how to change the gearbox in your Toyota Corolla S and B!

The primary difference between mode S and mode B is its function. From their initials, you can see that this is the case. In sports, the letter S represents sports, while in brakes, the letter B represents brakes.

How does Toyota Corolla S gear work? As the engine accelerates, the S increases its speed.

Driving through twisting roads while maintaining RPMs is easier with the S gearbox.

When driving on twisty roads, this gearbox keeps lower gears for a longer amount of time to provide more power. As a result, you are able to drive at high speeds on roads.

Would you be interested in B mode? The B mode supports lower gears as well, but its purpose is different. It is used to brake the engine during hill descents in a traditional transmission.

High speeds should not be used with this mode, however, due to unsafe driving habits. If the car is going fast, but requires jake brakes, it will still need to be slowed down or stopped using the brake pedals or brake pads.

Using mode B while driving on steep roads will reduce brake wear.

In addition, if you use different gear positions on the continuous variable transmission, the gear ratio will also be different. However, they are not very wear-prone.

How Does The B Gear Work?

When the brakes become weak while driving downhill, the B gear kicks in. Using the B gear in a Toyota Corolla creates drag in your car. Drag force is the most effective way to generate braking force in an automatic hybrid vehicle.

Driving creates drag force due to friction between your car’s wheels and the road. By doing so, you can slow down more easily. This frictional force recharges your car battery as well.

Toyota Corolla B Gear

It doesn’t serve any purpose in regular traffic because it works well. If you use the B gear, you will only cause unnecessary drag and consume too much fuel. Don’t use it unless it is beneficial in a specific situation.

How To Drive A Hybrid Car Most Efficiently

Vehicle performance can be greatly influenced by the driving style of the driver. The performance of hybrid vehicles is significantly decreased by bad driving habits despite their more sensitive features.

Highways Should Be Driven In Eco Mode

A reduced acceleration speed and improved fuel economy are the benefits of this mode. When choosing a driving mode, you should know what you want.

The Eco mode has no effect on the vehicle’s engine power. By reducing acceleration levels, fuel consumption can be reduced. Fuel economy can be enhanced by using this mode on highways if you are not converting your vehicle into a beast.

Be Careful When Braking

Whenever the brake pedal is suddenly depressed, all vehicles will be damaged. Hybrid cars can lose engine power if they apply the brakes frequently, causing stored electricity to drain. This will prevent the regenerative braking system from recovering energy lost due to repeated hard braking.

If Possible, Coast

You can maximize your driving efficiency by coasting. If you do not feed your vehicle with gas, you can drive without gas or stored electricity.

Ev Mode Should Be Used For Short Distances

When you are running in EV mode, your battery will be your only source of power. The result will be an improvement in your driving efficiency. Electric cars should be used whenever possible.

Despite being most efficient over short distances, it’s not recommended for long distances. Switch to this mode whenever you’re backing out of a garage or driving near a location. Depending on the model of your Toyota, your EV’s range will vary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Toyota Corolla B Gear fuel-efficient?

Compared to other models, see how fuel-efficient the B Gear is.

What safety features does the B Gear offer?

B Gear integrates advanced safety features for a safe driving experience.

How does the B Gear compare to other Corolla models in terms of pricing?

Find out what the B Gear costs and how much it is worth.

Are there any upcoming upgrades or new features in the B Gear series?

Stay up-to-date with B Gear’s future developments.

Is there a community of B Gear enthusiasts, and are there any events or forums to join?

The B Gear community is vibrant and offers plenty of opportunities to enthusiasts.


One of the unique features of the Toyota Corolla is its B gear, which allows you to drive confidently down steep slopes, up hills, and under flyovers.

Your car’s speed can be lowered by increasing braking force when you use the B gear. People who travel on coastal highways or in hilly regions will find this app useful. There will be no problems controlling their vehicles.

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