What Does Cruise Main Mean In A Car? (2024)

Has anyone recently used the term Cruise main? Do you have any questions? This does not mean that you are alone. Many drivers are unfamiliar with the expression, but once you learn it, you’ll never go back. 

The cruise main switch controls the speed of your vehicle using an electric throttle. The cruise main or cruising speed is therefore called cruise main. 

This mode will automatically adjust your car’s speed to a cruising speed as soon as you select it. Using cruise control in your car won’t require you to press the pedal. 

You can find here a comprehensive guide describing cruise speed, its functions, when to use it, and what circumstances you should avoid when using this mode. You’ll also find a few other details about your car’s cruise system.

You will also learn some safety tips along the way so you can make the best use of the cruise main system.

What Does Cruise Main Mean?

What Does Cruise Main Mean In A Car

With a cruise control system, the speed of the car is adjusted without having to push the pedal and the car moves at a constant speed. Even though you’re a beginner, let’s clarify one thing about the cruise main term here. 

You can turn on and off the cruise control system by pressing Cruise Main. 

The main cruise system cannot be fully operated by pressing the cruise main button. The other settings must be set and the speed must be selected before the system can be used. 

Using cruise control, you can maintain a steady speed without having to use the electronic throttle.

There are many benefits associated with cruise control, which is standard equipment in most cars today. It would no longer be necessary to constantly check your tachometer to ensure that you are driving within the speed limit during long road trips. 

History of cruise control

Our understanding of cruise control would be enhanced if we looked at its history. Developed by Ralph Teetor in the 1940s, cruise control is the first system of its kind. Using the technology to produce cars was not a new concept. 1965 was the year American Motors introduced cruise control to the automobile industry. 

Cruise control systems weren’t popular for over a decade after fuel prices increased in 1973, but manufacturers began considering them for fuel cost reduction.

Nowadays, most vehicles come with adaptive cruise control, which helps maintain a constant speed on long journeys. The best feature of this system is its efficiency. 

As you drive on a highway, the cruise control automatically slows your vehicle down when a slower vehicle gets in front of you. Your vehicle’s speed is adjusted according to the speed limit using a similar mechanism. 

 Importance of Cruise Main in Car Functionality

Having evolved from a luxury option to a practical and essential feature, Cruise Main has become an integral part of modern vehicles. In terms of improving driving comfort and safety, its importance cannot be overstated

How Cruise Control System Works

What Does Cruise Main Mean In A Car

The engine control units of modern vehicles are equipped with cruise control systems. Due to the electronic transmission that controls brakes, steering, and throttle, this system requires no additional components. For manual controls, only the basic driver controls are needed. 

Electronic cruise control systems are now available, unlike when they first appeared. Cables controlled the entire system, including the throttle bodies, and drive-by-wire controlled the throttle bodies. 

One cable connected the pedal to the throttle body, allowing a driver to control the throttle with one pedal. However, the leading cruise control cable reached the throttle body via the electric motor. 

The cruise control motor is connected to both the tachometer and the engine control unit after being connected to the cruise control motor. Electric body opened and closed the throttle body during the speed setting. Tachometer data was kept in close contact with the electric body. 

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Is Cruise Control Easy To Use?

What Does Cruise Main Mean In A Car

Now that you understand how the cruise control system works, we will walk you through the entire process.

Cruise Main can be activated by pressing it, but it’s not the only control that needs to be enabled to operate this system. The following buttons and controls are necessary to make cruise control work efficiently. 

  • Cruise speed is not affected by the Cruise Main button as discussed previously. By using it, you can turn on and off the cruise system.
  • Setting the acceleration and deceleration is accomplished by pressing the Set button. You can use this control to set the speed at which the cruise control system will travel at any given moment. 
  • Due to the fact that the Res button isn’t found in every car, it is evident that the cruise control system isn’t crucial. Press this button to reset your cruise control system’s previous speed. By pressing this button, you can change the speed of your system. 
  • Additionally, cruise control has two other buttons called acceleration and deceleration, or “+” and “-.” These two buttons control acceleration and deceleration as well. Using the Set button, the speed is set, and then both buttons are used. 
  • These two buttons allow you to increase or decrease the cruise speed.
  • Press the Cruise Main button once more to restart the cruise control system.

Why Should You Use a Cruise Control System?

What Does Cruise Main Mean In A Car

While cruise control does not cause any harm, some people still contemplate using it despite the fact that it has a number of benefits.

Those who are also included in this system benefit from a number of major advantages. Making a final decision may be made easier with these benefits in mind. 

Constant Speed

You will benefit from cruise control when you use it. Nothing is more boring than driving along a straight, boring road for hours at a time. The long drive makes it impossible for you to fall asleep if you are behind the wheel. 

With cruise control, you can relax while the vehicle adjusts its speed based on the road conditions and surroundings.

Low-Fuel Consumption

One of the most important reasons to use cruise control is to save fuel. The cruise system gained popularity and fame during the period when fuel prices began to rise and manufacturers shifted toward this system due to its fuel efficiency. 

By driving steadily and consistently, your engine will consume the same amount of fuel. Fuel consumption can be significantly reduced by adjusting the cruise control system, resulting in substantial savings. 

Ticket-Free Speeding

If you don’t want to lose sight of the tachometer and get a speeding ticket, you should consider a cruise control system. Due to various sensors controlling the machine’s speed, speeding tickets are very unlikely with this system. Isn’t this an excellent idea? 

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What are the advantages of using Cruise Main?

What Does Cruise Main Mean In A Car

Efficiency in fuel consumption

The main benefit of Cruise Main is its contribution to fuel efficiency. Maintaining a consistent speed minimizes the environmental impact as well as fuel consumption.

Fatigue-reduced driving

Aside from reducing fatigue during long drives, Cruise Main also reduces physical strain on drivers so they can concentrate on the road instead of tensing up.

Improved safety features

To enhance road safety, Cruise Main keeps traffic flowing steadily and minimizes sudden speed changes. Adaptive cruise control systems improve safety by adjusting speed based on traffic around you.

Disconnecting The Cruise Control

When you don’t know how to turn off cruise control and have never used it, follow these steps. 

  • When you press the brake pedal, cruise control will be lost. 
  • Pressing the Cruise Main button will also turn off the cruise control system. 

Increasing The Cruising Speed 

The following steps will help you increase the cruising speed of your vehicle.

  • Keep pressing and holding the “SET” button.
  • As your vehicle speeds up, it will become more difficult to control. Upon reaching the desired speed, release the “SET” switch. 
  • Press and release the “SET” button immediately after selecting the preset speed. 

Cruising speed can also be increased using accelerator pedals. Follow these steps to accomplish this: 

  • As soon as your vehicle reaches the speed you desire, press the accelerator pedal. 
  • Once the desired acceleration is reached, the accelerator pedal should be released. 

You have successfully increased the cruise speed of your vehicle. 

 Reduction Of Cruise Speed

For cruising speed reduction, follow these steps:

  • When your vehicle reaches its cruising speed, press “SET” and hold it. 
  • Once the car has decelerated to the desired speed, release the “SET” button. 
  • If you hold down the “SET” switch and let go immediately, you can adjust the preset speed.

What Is The Process Of Temporarily Canceling Cruise Control?

Follow these steps to temporarily disable the cruise control during your long driving trip:

  • Once you have pressed the brake pedal slightly, wait for the system to turn off for a few seconds.
  • Pressing the “CANCEL” switch will also turn off cruise control.
  • It can be restarted by pressing “RESUME”.

Safety Precautions For Cruise Control

What Does Cruise Main Mean In A Car

Even though cruise control is generally safe, there are some precautions and safety tips to keep in mind. Following these cruise control system safety precautions will help you avoid any unfortunate incidents: 

Don’t Overspeed

Cruise control should be used with the cruising speed in mind. In spite of the system’s efficiency and highly responsive sensors, it is still recommended that you maintain a steady speed while using it. Be careful not to accelerate too fast, as this can result in an accident. 

Keep Out Of Corners

Even if you know you’re going in the right direction, controlling the vehicle’s speed around corners is difficult. Consequently, you shouldn’t use cruise control when you’re in corners, as you might need to adjust your cruising speed frequently. 

Avoid Slippery Roads

Cruise control should not be used on slippery roads. Control systems cannot determine the level of friction on slippery roads because friction is almost impossible to measure. 

Stay Awake 

While cruise control allows you to relax while driving, it does not allow you to nap. You can use cruise control while driving, as we explained in the benefits section. Some drivers feel tempted to take a nap due to the efficiency of cruise control systems and risk tracking devices in cars, but experts advise against it. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Cruise Main malfunction, and how can it be addressed?

Occasionally, malfunctions may occur. It is important to conduct regular maintenance and to address issues as soon as they arise.

Does using cruise control affect fuel efficiency significantly?

The effects of cruise control are generally positive when a constant speed is maintained.

Is Cruise Main the same in all vehicles equipped with cruise control?

It is possible for Cruise Main features to differ between different makes and models.

Are there any safety concerns with relying on cruise control for long journeys?

When using cruise control, even though it enhances safety, drivers must remain vigilant and take action when necessary.

What does the future hold for cruise control technology?

The integration of cruise control with autonomous driving features is possible as cruise control becomes more advanced and efficient.


The cruise main system and cruise control system are explained in detail here. Furthermore, we’ve shown you how cruise control works, as well as how to change the cruise control speed. 

As well as listing some advantages and precautions when using cruise control, we have also listed some disadvantages. It is now time to set up your car’s cruise control system since you know everything about it. 

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